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Gloucester Housing Authority

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Gloucester Housing Authority

Resident Services

The Gloucester Housing Authority (GHA) Resident Services department is located at 1A Veterans Way in the Riverdale Development. Our goal is to engage with residents by listening, responding, and supporting them in achieving their dreams. We put residents at the center of our work and through a high collaboration with our community partners we are able to provide various services, programs, and supports to our residents. We believe in the strength and resiliency of our residents.

When you believe in yourself, you can achieve your dreams.

If you have any questions about any of the following programs or need additional information/assistance, please contact us at (978) 281-4770.

Housing First Program:

The Housing First Program (HFI), funded by the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD), is an approach to end homelessness that centers on providing families with housing and then provides services as needed. Under HFI, the GHA pledges 12 units to families referred from state-funded emergency shelters. DHCD provides a grant to the GHA to fund a full-time Case Manager for the program, who provides ongoing support and stabilization resources for program families. Referrals are made through a closed referral process and are monitored by the State. Services are provided for at least 9 months through intensive case management and on a as needed basis thereafter. Participants must comply with a standard lease agreement and are provided with services and supports that are necessary to help the family to be successful in their tenancy.

Family Self Sufficiency Program:

The Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program is a voluntary HUD-funded program for residents of Federal Public Housing and Section 8 Voucher holders. The program is designed to help participating households increase their earned income through educational, employment and financial education/training programs and does not affect the tenants housing benefit in any way. Participants first undergo an orientation and assessment with a case manager, followed by the development of a personalized service plan, or ITSP. All participants enter a 5-year Contract of Participation with the GHA. During these five years, the case manager and client work together to achieve the goals and objectives outlined in the service plan. Participants also have the opportunity of benefiting from an escrow account established by the GHA on behalf of an FSS family. Deposits are made to this account when the family’s rent increases based on increased earned income in the FSS family household. The Head of Household will receive the escrow account funds when they have completed the goals established in their individual training and service plan.

Senior Resident Services Initiatives:

These initiatives provide information, referrals, educational workshops, group services and individual case management to residents of the GHA’s Elderly/Disabled Housing Developments under the GHA’s DHCD Resident Services Coordinator (RSC) Grant. The goal of the RSC is to provide resources to residents, to access community-based services, to ensure lease compliance, to support well-being, independence, and a positive living environment. The Senior Supportive Housing Initiative at McPherson Park seeks to bring some of the benefits of assisted living developments. Jointly developed by DHCD and the Executive Office of Elder Affairs and managed by SeniorCare, this program seeks to assist seniors to maintain their independence and "age in place".